Anti-North Korea protest break out hours to the Opening Ceremony

Just hours to the opening ceremony of the 2018 Winter Olympic Games in, Pyeongchang, South Korea, to be attended by two top officials from North Korea, anti-North Korea protesters gathered outside the Olympics Stadium.
Pictures of the nation's leader Kim Jong Un and the nation's flag were set on fire by the protesters numbering in hundreds, while marching towards the venue where the Olympics touch will be lit. 

Sister of the North Korean leader, Kim Yo-jong arrived South Korea, the first time a member of the ruling family has stepped foot on the south's soil since the Korean war and will attend the opening ceremony of the the Winter Games.

Police and Protesters were engaged in a struggle during the protest. South Korean president is also being criticized by the group, with banners reading “Moon Regime is leading Korea to destruction” and “Mr President. North Korea bombing, please,” the latter an appeal President Trump of the United States of America, visibly conspicuous.

Moon Jae-in, president of the host nation, hopes to re-engage the North through the Olympics and open dialogue with the country's leader to over their nuclear and missile program. Though the two nation's are at war, technically, as the 1950 -1953 Korean war only ended in a truce, they will march behind a unified Korean flag at the opening ceremony.

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