Border Wall: US president's budget proposal provides funding

US President, Donald Trump's desire to build a wall across its southern border shared with mexico will be reflected in his budget proposal which will be unveiled on Monday, a senior white house official says. The proposal will include a request for $3 billion as down payment for the wall. 

The money, which would be used to acquire a private land  in south Texas's Rio Grande Valley and steel, will added to the $14 billion request for U.S. Customs and Border Protection Agency, according to the official.

The Trump administration is hoping to build a around 60 miles (96km) of new steel bollard fencing and a further 64 miles (103km) with 2018 and 2019 funding respectively. 

Democrats opposes the wall and it has led to major standoff between the republican and democrats in congress, with the DACA programs which provides cover for "dreamers" caught up in the debate.

Mr. Trump promised to give up to 1.6 million "Dreamers" protection from deportation and a pathway to citizenship over 10 to 12 years, if democrats agrees to a $25 million expense to fund the wall and tighten restriction on legal immigration. Democrats have refused the deal which has led to standoff that resulted in government shutdowns.

The wall, which Mr. Trump highlighted as a major issue during his 2016 campaign, was to be funded by Mexico according to the, then presidential candidate but has reneged on that pledged. It will be constructed around areas used frequently by illegal migrants crossing into the U.S.

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