Turkish court sentences in 64 involved in the 2016 failed coup to life imprisonment

65 military academy officers and trainees believed to be involved in the 2016 failed coup in Turkey have been sentenced to life in prison according to state run media.

14px; font-style: normal; font-weight: 400;">The harshest possible judgement under Turkish law, "aggravated life sentences," was passed on the four who were found guilty of trying to overthrow the government . A separate 100 defendants were acquitted.

The state media said those sentenced were all involved with those who plotted the coup and had flown clueless academy trainees into a military headquarters to confront civilians who opposed the attempted coup. 

Turkey's president Recep tayyip Erdogan has undertaken a sweeping overhaul of the government, jailing over 50,000 and sacking or suspending about 150,000 since the failed coup. This has strained relationship with European allies who disagree with Erdogan's method, believing it is an excuse silence those who disagree with his government.

Turkey, insists it crackdown is necessary, shutting down all of its military academies,citing the the security threat the nation face. 

The failed coup led to the death of over 240 people, mostly unarmed civilians. 

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