Trump's lawyers wants him to reject Mueller's interview request

Reports emerging in local news outlet in US says U.S. President Donald Trump’s lawyers are against the idea of him sitting down for an interview with special counsel Robert Mueller, who is investigating alleged collusion between the Trump campaign and Russia during the 2016 presidential election.

The New York Times, citing four sources, say Trump's
lawyer are apprehensive he could be charged with lying to investigators if he showed up for an interview with the special counsel due to his propensity to make false statements and contradict himself.  Last month in the white house, Trump could be heard telling reporters that he was willing to sit down with Mueller under oath saying “I‘m looking forward to it, actually.” 

Trump has repeatedly denied he or anyone from his team colluded with Russia and called the Russia investigation the biggest political witch-hunt in America's history orchestrated by the Democrats. If Trump refuses Mueller's request for an interview, he could be subpoenaed by the special counsel to testify before a grand jury. The subpoena could result in a court battle between both parties that could ultimately be resolved by the Supreme court.

The newspaper says  lawyer, Ty Cobb, believes that it  is in Trump's interest to cooperate with Mueller. But Trump's longtime personal attorney Marc Kasowitz, and both John Dowd and Jay Sekulow (who lead a team of lawyers advising Trump) are against the interview and wants him to turndown the request.

The times also reports that Trumps aides and some lawyers do not believe Mueller will subpoena the president as he will want to avoid a legal battle with the white house which he could lose when the case reaches to the Supreme Court.

Dowd and Cobb sent a statement that said the discussions between the president’s personal lawyers and the special counsel’s office “regarding how and under what terms information will be exchanged are understandably private.” when reached for comments by news agency, Reuters.

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