Maldives political crisis deepens, State of Emergency declared

The chief justice of Maldives Supreme Court, Chief Justice Abdulla Saeed, have been arrested by the country's police as the political crisis facing the nation worsens. Another judge, Ali Hameed, was arrested as the government  declared a state of emergency.

The political unrest started when President Abdulla Yameen refused to release political prisoners after the nation's Supreme Court
ordered the release of a group of opposition politicians. The court had also ruled that the trial of former President Mohamed Nasheed in 2015, was unconstitutional.

The country's police commissioner had promise to enforce the ruling but was sacked the the government hours later. The opposition calls the arrest of the judges, a purge and the international community has condemned it. 

Various security forces have been giving powers to make arrest and ban public gathering following the declaration of the state of emergency. The army received orders to resist moves to impeach the president.

The opposition have called the government moves a "purge" and there has been international condemnation. Mr Nasheed who is lving in exile, called on the US and india to assit the removal of President Yameen who declared a martial, illegally. In a tweet, he asked India to send troops to help release the political prisoners and for the US to impose financial restictions of the Leaders.

Maldives is a nation made up of 26 coral atolls and 1,192 individual islands, and tourism is a vital part of its economy.

Last week, the Supreme Court ordered the release of a group of opposition politicians. It also ruled that the 2015 trial of former President Mohamed Nasheed, who is living in exile, had been unconstitutional.

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