US: Congress votes to release Democrats rebuttal memo

US lawmakers have voted to release the memo by Democats, which a rebuttal to that of the Republican written by House Intelligence Committee chairman, Devin Nunes, alleging bias against President Donald Trump and abused its power by the FBI for investigating a Trump adviser.

The released Democratic memo highlights flaws in the Republican one. The memo has been sent to the
White House for the president's approval. President Trump, who praised the memo by Devin Nunes, has five days to decide whether to declassify the 10-page document as was done in the case of the republican memo.

US representative, Adam Schiff, the top democrat member of the house intellegence committee, who wrote the second memo, was satisfied with the vote which took place on Monday evening by the Republican-controlled committee who previously blocked release of his document.

Schiff also told reporters that copies was sent to the FBI and Justice Department, as agreed by the committee, to assist in the Executive Branch approval process. He said he's concerned the White House might make some "political redactions" before releasing it, that's why the Justice Department and FBI are to be involved in vetting the document. 

The California congressman added that Republicans by releasing a misleading memo, found themselves in an insupportable position and were compelled to take the action of releasing the rebuttal memo as they did. He said it would be difficult for the White House to not release it. 

if president trump does not approve the release of the democratic memo, the matter could be left to the full House to debate and vote in closed session, whether to make the memo public.

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