Maldives court throws out case against exiled former president.

The Supreme court in the Maldives has thrown out a "terrorism" conviction and ordered a retrial of former President Mohamed Nasheed other opposition leaders.

The ruling also ordered the release of the exiled former president and several other jailed politicians. An opposition alliance had petitioned the top court to remove current President, Abdulla Yameen for rights abuses, misrule and unprecedented corruption.
The initial trials was declared to have violated constitutional and international law. The court had also reinstated 12 members of Maldives parliament, who were removed from their seats when they moved over to the opposition last year.

A former vice president, a former defence minister, the leaders of two minor opposition parties, a ruling party lawmaker, a judge, a former chief prosecutor and a prominent businessman are among those freed by the court.

Reacting to the ruling, Nasheed told reporters he welcomed the Supreme Court's decision, urging Yameen to "abide by this ruling and resign". The Maldivian Democratic Party (MDP) describe it as a "death knell for President Yameen's corrupt and criminal dictatorship". Hundreds of people gathered at the MDP headquarters to celebrate immediately rhe decision of the Supreme Court was published. The crowd gathered, called for Yameen's resignation as well as a free and fair vote during a presidential election later this year.

The decision has effectively restored a clear opposition majority in parliament which now has the power to impeach the president, Abdulla Yameen. Yameen assume office as president in 2013 after winning a controversial run-off against Nasheed and his presidency has been dogged by political turmoil, with allegations of corruption,  denting the Maldives' unique image as a tourist paradise because of its popularity among foreigners as a luxury tourist destination.

The police announced on Twitter that they were satisfied with the legality of the ruling and would enforce it but at a hastily convened press conference, the police commissioner, Ahmed Areef was dismissed by Attorney General Mohamed Anil. Anil said Ahmed Areef was sacked because he could not be contacted following the court order. Local news outlet reports that he also said the president was "disheartened" by the commissioner's decision to enforce the ruling.

Maldives police have fired tear gas to disperse the crowd of opposition supporters celebrating a Supreme Court ruling and arrested several people. Reports says police had warned the crowd they would "not be responsible for damage inflicted by using force".

The Indian Ocean nation was ruled for decades by then President Maumoon Abdul Gayhoom despite having gained been independence from Britain for 53 years. Multi-party democratic system was established in 2008, but in 2013 when President Yameen took over, questions were raised over freedom of speech, detention of opponents and sovereignty of the judiciary.

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