Rihanna persona non grata in Senegal?

Expected Friday in Senegal, the singer is not welcome in the eyes of thirty religious organizations gathered in the collective "No to Freemasonry and homosexuality." Some of its members suspect her of belonging Masonic ...

This is the claim of the collective "No to Freemasonry and homosexuality", which called on the authorities to cancel the visit
of the star, as reported by Juene Afique( in French). The Bermuda singer is expected Friday in the Senegalese capital for the funding conference of the Global Partnership for Education (GPE) - which will be co-chaired by President Macky Sall and his French counterpart Emmanuel Macron.

Rihanna, who is the World SME Ambassador, is expected to raise funds to invest in education in developing countries. The arrival of the star has however prompted thirty or so religious associations, mainly Islamic, gathered in the collective "No to Freemasonry and homosexuality." In its communiqué released Sunday, the collective felt that Rihanna was "carrying a number of socio-cultural dangers".

"Rihanna does not hide it: she is part of the Illuminati, which is a branch of Freemasonry, says Sheikh Oumar Diagne, in charge of communication for the collective. Moreover, its arrival coincides strangely with the date originally planned for the Humanist and Freemason African and Malagasy (Rehfram) Meetings [to be held in Dakar]. In our eyes, it was an attempt at diversion intended to conceal from public opinion the holding of this meeting of Freemasons."

The 26th edition of the Rehfram was scheduled for February 2nd and 3rd in a large hotel in the Senegalese capital. But the event was finally canceled in mid-January, under pressure from the group. The management of the King Fahd Palace, which was to host the great annual raid of Freemasonry Africa, had no choice but to throw in the towel, "because of the threats of disturbances to public order"

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