I regret not going Manchester United says goalkeeping legend Oliver Kahn

- I regret not going Manchester United says goalkeeping legend Oliver Kahn.

- Sir Alex Ferguson expected the player to join United in 2003 but he had other plans with Bayern.

Kahn does not like to think about 1999 Champions league defeat to United.
Former Bayern Munich goalkeeper and legend Oliver Kahn has disclosed that he regrets not joining Manchester United in 2003/2004
when the opportunity arose.

In his quest to land a credible successor to Peter Schmeichel, Sir Alex Ferguson was highly confident that Kahn would end up at the club but he was extremely disappointed in the end.

"Alex Ferguson is still at odds with me," Kahn told Sport Bild. "He was convinced I'd join Manchester United in 2003 or 2004, but building an era at Bayern was more important to me.

"Looking back, I believe that I should have done it back then. It would have been one last big challenge for me."

Rather than join United, Oliver Kahn decided to remain with Bayern Munich until he retired in 2008.

The Legendary goal stopper also shed some light on the 1999 champions league final defeat to Manchester United which saw him concede injury time goals to lose the game.

"In my memory, I have stored that final against Manchester United as a win," Kahn said. "I've erased the final two minutes."

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