US vows to continue to put pressure on Iran to uphold nuclear deal

- US vows to continue to put pressure to Iran to uphold nuclear deal.

- Trump has repeatedly called the Iran nuclear deal a sham.

- Tillerson accuses Iran of destabilising the region.
U.S. secretary of state Rex Tillerson has vowed that the U.S. will continue to mount pressure on Iran to uphold the terms of the nuclear agreement which
President Trump has repeatedly called a sham.

Trump has described the landmark nuclear agreement involving Iran and world powers as "one of the worst deals I've ever seen".

"We discussed ... our joint efforts under the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action [JCPOA] to hold Iran fully compliant with the terms of that deal and fully enforce that agreement," said Tillerson.

Tillerson said Iran "is carrying out a number of other destabilising actions in the region", including backing the Houthi rebels in Yemen's civil war, deploying weapons and forces in Syria and continuing support for Hezbollah.

"These issues and activities of Iran cannot be ignored and cannot go unanswered, and we intend to continue to take action to ensure Iran understands this is not acceptable to us, and we look forward to working with our European partners in that regard," he said.

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