Houthi rebels hold over 40 journalists hostage in a TV station in Yemen

- Houthi rebels hold over 40 journalists hostage in Yemen.

- Media watchdog calls on rebels to release hostages.

- More than 200 people have already died from the war in Yemen this month, with over 400 injuries.
According to Reporters without borders (RSF), Houthi rebels in Yemen have held down at least 41 employees of a media outlet hostage.

Media watchdog RSF has called on the rebels to release the hostages at the TV station citing that the act seriously violates the Geneva conventions.

"We condemn the violent actions towards journalists by the Houthis, which constitute serious violations of the Geneva Conventions," said Alexandra El Khazen, head of RSF's Middle East desk.

"This hostage-taking is typical of the climate of hostility in Yemen towards journalists who are often targeted in this conflict. We call on the Houthi rebels to immediately release the TV channel's journalists."

According to the International Committee of the Red Cross (ICRC) on Tuesday, more than 230 people have been killed and around 400 injured in the Yemen war since the beginning of this month.

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