Iran accuses Saudi Arabia of stirring up tensions to cover up internal failures

- Iran accuses Saudi Arabia of stirring up tensions to cover up internal failures.

- Accuses Saudi Arabia of failing in Syria, Iraq and Lebanon.

- Denies any involvement in the Houthi missile targeted towards Riyadh last month.
President of Iran Hassan Rouhani has fired back accusations at Saudi Arabia, stating that they were only stirring up tensions with Iran as a cover up for their (Saudi) failures.

The Iranian leader made this revelation during an interview with Iranian television on Tuesday. 

"Saudi Arabia is looking for tension with Iran to cover up defeats in the region and internal problems," Rouhani said, blaming Riyadh for the poor state of relations between the two regional powers.

"Today, we have better relations with Turkey, Iraq, Afghanistan, Pakistan and Qatar. We may have problems with a couple of countries such as Saudi Arabia, which they have fanned.

"Saudi Arabia is seeking today to solve two fundamental problems...the first reason is that Saudi Arabia failed in Qatar and failed in Iraq and in Syria and finally failed in Lebanon as well.

"The second reason is the situation inside Saudi Arabia, the situation is tense and there are internal disputes, so they portray Iran as an enemy to cover up their failure and their internal problems."

Saudi Arabia recently accused Iran of involvement in a missiles that was launched at Riyadh by Houthi militia who continue to receive sufficient backing from Iran.

Meanwhile, Iran refutes these accusations and denies any involvement in the attack.

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