UN set to sanction Libya over slave trade and trafficking of West Africans

- UN set to sanction Libya over slave trade and trafficking of West Africans.

- Slavery and human trafficking have been present in Libya for years.

- U.S. Ambassador Nikki Hailey expresses shock at the situation.
France's Ambassador to the United Nations has called on the UN Security Council to impose sanctions on all groups and individuals involved in Libya's slave trade ring and trafficking of West African migrants and refugees.

Francois Delattre's comments come as human trafficking in Libya has become a burning topic since a CNN investigation produced footage of West Africans being sold at slave markets in November.

"France will propose to assist the sanctions committee ... in identifying responsible individuals and entities for trafficking through Libyan territory," he told the council on Tuesday.

"We count upon support of the members of the council to make headway to that end."

Other members of the Security Council have condemned modern-day slavery in Libya.

"To see the pictures of these men being treated like cattle, and to hear the auctioneer describe them as, quote, 'big strong boys for farm work,' should shock the conscience of us all," Nikki Haley, the US ambassador to the UN, told the Security Council last week.

"There are few greater violations of human rights and human dignity than this."

Asked if sanctions could help end the sale of human beings in Libya, Turbi, the rights defender, said he was not sure.

"It's going to be extremely hard to control the borders," he said.

"What is really needed is work to institute a viable government in Libya, not a failed state. The government in Libya is helpless."

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