UEFA Champions League: Liverpool lose three goal lead to draw 3-3 vs Sevilla

- UEFA Champions League: Liverpool lose three goal lead to draw 3-3 vs Sevilla.

- Liverpool were 3-0 up in the first 30 minutes.

- Now require at least a point in final game to qualify for Champions League knockout stages.
Liverpool Football Club continued their Champions league campaign against Sevilla on Tuesday night  and were already 3-0 up by the half hour mark.

Everything seemed to be going well for Jurgen Klopp's boys until they conceded a careless goal followed by a penalty. The visiting Sevilla side eventually scored an equaliser to steal a point from the game.

Clop who watched his side lose the advantage that should have ensured their qualification for the next round acknowledged that his side stopped playing football in the second half of the game.

"It's a very good first half and not that good second half," Klopp told BT Sport. "We stopped playing football in the second half. We let them come back in the game. With this crowd behind their back, things like this can happen.

"We did it already the other way around. You like this when you can change the game and come back in the game. When you are the winning team then you should avoid it, and we didn't.

"We have a real weapon and that's playing football. We didn't do it in the second half until we conceded the second goal. After that, we came back and had our chances a little bit. We didn't use them, so they could do what they did in the last minute."

Despite holding a big lead, Klopp does not believe complacency crept into his players when they re-emerged for the second period.

"It was absolutely OK that we are confident after that first half," he added. "We were in two situations obviously too late in the second half -- not only Alberto, the whole formation was too late in this situation.

"That's obvious what we did. The real problem is that we stopped playing football. We had to close the game.

"3-0 is a wonderful result. There's nothing bad to say at half-time. But you have to stay in the game because 50 minutes is a long time -- you can score 10 times if you want.

"Our main mistake was that we didn't play football anymore. We wanted to control it, but we got too passive and a little bit too deep, so they had their situations. They fought back and that's a big credit to them. We had to do it different."

Liverpool now require at least a point in their final group stage game against Spartak Moscow in December to seal a place in the Champions League knockout stages.

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