Qatar blasts Saudi Arabia and GCC over reckless leadership

- Qatar blasts Saudi Arabia and GCC over reckless leadership.

- Accuses the region of bullying smaller countries into submission.

- Compares Qatar's problem in the GCC from 6 months ago to Lebanon's current political issues.
Qatar’s foreign minister has on Friday strongly criticised the GCC for their "reckless leadership" style within the region, blaming it for the several political rifts that have
plagued the region lately.

The foreign minister cited issues surrounding the unusual resignation of Lebanon's leader and the current political rift against Qater by GCC countries led by Saudi Arabia.

“We see a pattern of irresponsibility and a reckless leadership in the region which is just trying to bully countries into submission,” Qatari Foreign Minister Sheikh Mohammed bin Abdulrahman Al Thani said in Washington.

”What we are witnessing now in the region ... it’s something we just witness(ed) in recent history, bullying small countries into submission.

“Exactly what happened to Qatar six months ago is happening now to Lebanon. The leadership in Saudi Arabia and the UAE need to understand ... there is no right for any country to interfere in other countries’ affairs,” he told a group of reporters.

Asked to comment on those remarks, the Saudi Embassy in Washington’s spokeswoman, Fatimah Baeshen, said:

“The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia’s foreign policy has always been premised on regional stability, peace, and security. The Kingdom does not interfere with its neighbors’ domestic affairs.”

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