Russia vetoes U.S. plan to have UN security council renew Syria chemical arms use inquiry

- Russia vetoes U.S. plan to have UN security council renew Syria chemical arms use inquiry.

- This is the tenth time Russia would be vetoing a U.S. resolution like this.

- U.S. wants inquiry renewed to prevent further use of such arms by Syria.
Russia has for the tenth time vetoed a U.S. sponsored resolution to renew a UN inquiry into chemical-weapons
use in the war in Syria which is already drawing to a close.

The current inquiry is set to expire and the U.S. has been desperately attempting to have it renewed to prevent Syria from using it again.

"For the tenth time on Syria, and the fourth time on chemical weapons, Russia has actively obstructed the intl comm's ability to identify the perpetrators of chemical weapons attacks," Nikki Haley,  US ambassador to the UN, said after the vote.

"Russia has killed the Joint Investigative Mechanism.

"The message to anyone listening is clear: in effect, Russia accepts the use of chemical weapons in Syria."

Earlier on Thursday, US President Donald Trump said on Twitter that the Security Council must extend the JIM's mandate to ensure President Bashar al-Assad's government in Syria "does not commit mass murder with chemical weapons ever again".

"There are many more instances of chemical weapons use in Syria that must be investigated," the US mission to the UN said in a statement earlier this week.

The US urged the Security Council to "stand united in the face of chemical weapons use against civilians and extend the work of this critical group".

"Not doing so would only give consent to such atrocities while tragically failing the Syrian people who have suffered from these despicable acts," the statement said.

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