Britain agrees to enshrine official Brexit date into law

- Britain agrees to enshrine official Brexit date into law.

- Aims to prevent any confusions surrounding when the day actually is.

- British Parliament set to direct 186 pages of the EU withdrawal bill.
Britain has agreed to set an official date of its exit from the European Union into law to calm the worries of those who are concerned that the
negotiations are going too slow which could amount to delays.

The government said it was proposing a change to the EU (Withdrawal) Bill currently making its way through parliament to set the exit for 2300 GMT on March 29, 2019.

"We've listened to members of the public and Parliament and have made this change to remove any confusion or concern about what ‘exit day' means," Brexit minister David Davis said in a statement.

"This important step demonstrates our pragmatic approach to this vital piece of legislation," Davis said. "Where MPs (Members of Parliament) can improve the Bill, whatever their party, we will work with them." 

The bill will begin the latest stage of its journey through parliament on Tuesday and Wednesday, when lawmakers will debate and vote on some of the 186 pages of changes that have so far been proposed. The bill is at an early stage, and is expected to take months to make its way through both houses of parliament.

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