Pope Francis makes emotional appeal against nuclear war at a U.S. Military Cemetery

- Pope Francis makes emotional appeal against nuclear war at a U.S. Military Cemetery.

- Laments the consequences of war and begs for it to stop.

- Warns that a nuclear war would destroy a good part of humanity.
Pope Francis has made a strong and emotional appeal to world leaders to stop the war before it gets out
of hand.

The Pope made this emotional appeal while visiting a U.S. Military cemetery in Nettuno, south of the Italian capital.

The burial ground is the final resting place for 7,860 American soldiers who died in the liberation of southern Italy and Rome in 1943 and 1944.

"Please Lord, stop. No more wars. No more of these useless massacres," he said, speaking in hushed tones in an improvised homily.

Francis said that remembering the many young people who died in World War Two was even more important "today that the world once more is at war and is preparing to go even more forcefully into war."

Although the Pope did not disclose more regarding this, it would seem he was referring to the threat of nuclear force by North Korea in recent times especially after their biggest ever nuclear test recently.

"If today is a day of hope, it is also a day of tears," the pope said. "Humanity must not forget" the tears of mothers and wives who lost husbands and sons in past wars.

"Humanity has not learned the lesson and seems that it does not want to learn it," he said, asking for prayers for the victims of today's conflicts, especially children.

On his way back to the Vatican, Francis stopped to pray at the Ardeatine Caves, where in March, 1944 occupying Nazis killed 335 Italian men and boys as a reprisal for the killing of 33 German policemen by partisans.

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