Britain's lawmakers demand for PM May to publicise EU withdrawal bill for debate before Brexit

- Britain's lawmakers demand for PM May to publicise EU withdrawal bill for debate before Brexit.

- Members of PM May's conservative party continue to rebel against her.

- Opposition Party (Labour) warns the Prime Minister to stop withholding vital information on the impact on Brexit on Britain's jobs.
British lawmakers have piled up pressure on Prime Minister Theresa May to publish the
results from the 58 assessments it carried out to ascertain the potential impact of Brexit on the country.

The government said on Monday it had carried out 58 economic assessments, covering sectors from aerospace to tourism, but has so far refused requests from lawmakers to publish them, saying they could undermine their negotiating position in Brexit talks.

"We take all parliamentary votes seriously and recognize that parliament does have rights relating to the publication of documents," a Brexit department spokeswoman said.

"Ministers also have a clear obligation not to disclose information when doing so would not be in the public interest. We will reflect on the implications of the vote and respond in due course."

Labour said the result was clear and called on Brexit minister David Davis to set a date for the papers' publication.

"Labour has been absolutely clear since the referendum that ministers could not withhold vital information from Parliament about the impact of Brexit on jobs and the economy," said Labour's Brexit policy chief Keir Starmer.

Meanwhile, members of the conservative part continue to show dissent towards Prime Minister Theresa May with regards to Brexit and the need for Parliament to extensively debate on her EU withdrawal bill before Britain leaves the EU in 2019.

"I‘m not going to stand by and see the future of my children's generation and the grandchildren which I hope will follow being trashed or ruined without any form of debate and disclosure as to the consequences," said Anna Soubry, one of several Conservative lawmakers who said they were ready to rebel.

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