Palestine vows to attack Israel in response to air strikes on Gaza

- Palestine vows to attack Israel in response to air strikes.

- Armed groups vow to respond to Israeli air strikes on Gaza.

- Israel attacked a tunnel in Gaza on Monday.
After watching the Israeli Army carry out attacks in a tunnel in Gaza on Monday, some armed Palestinian groups have vowed to carry out reprisal attacks as response.

will exercise our right to respond - this is our duty," Daoud Shehab, a leader in the Islamic Jihad movement, told Al Jazeera, adding that it is the legitimate right of the resistance groups to respond. 

Palestinian media said that the tunnel in Khan Younis had been hit by the Israeli air force.

"Reports said Israel fired five missiles at the tunnel that was being dug east of Khan Younis and which Israel claims was leading to its territory," Palestinian news agency Wafa said.

Since 2008, Israel has launched three offensives on the Gaza Strip.

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