Transport for London will fight off Uber's appeal in court

- Transport for London will fight off Uber's appeal in court.

- Uber can continue to operate until the appeal has been reviewed.

- The cab booking company seeking to make amends rather than fight back.
After its decision not to renew Uber's license to operate in the British Capital in September, London's Mayor Sadiq Khan has hinted that Transport for London, the
city's transport regulatory body will defend its decision in court as it fights off an appeal from the minicab booking app company.

Uber has until Friday to submit its appeal and can continue to operate until the appeal process has been exhausted, which could take several months. “The courts now will consider the appeal from Uber and of course TfL (Transport for London) will defend the decision they made,” Khan said during a monthly question time session.

Although Uber will expectedly lodge an appeal to get its license back and save the jobs and livelihood of its drivers, the company has taken a more relaxed approach to the whole process and has indicated it is more willing to make amends and resolve the concerns that led to the TFL's failure to renew its licence in Septemvber.


Oct 13, 2017

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