Manchester United will play defensively vs Liverpool at Anfield says Dalglish

- Manchester United will play defensively vs Liverpool at Anfield says Dalglish.

- Dalglish believes Mourinho has a knack for winning games but Klopp would only be concerned about taking all three points.

- United may also attempt to pile pressure on Liverpool with Martial, Lukaku and Rashford.
Liverpool Legend Kenny Dalglish has suggested that Manchester United Manager Jose Mourinho would be aiming
to play defensively at Anfield when both teams face each other this Saturday.

After experiencing a brilliant start to the league this season, United go into this fixture as favourites to clinch all three points and the former Liverpool player and maner believes that Mourinho is likely to adopt more defensive tactics during the game.

“Three years ago, Jose brought Chelsea up to do a job and they did it really well, so for me there’s no blame apportioned to him because Liverpool missed out on the title. He was very professional, utterly clinical, and you cannot criticise him for that,” he said.

“He came back to Anfield with Manchester United last year with a similar philosophy, but there are no rules which say you can’t play defensively and they almost snatched it at the end when Zlatan Ibrahimovic had that chance.

“And when he comes back for this game, I’m sure he will be cautious again because this is United’s first game against one of the so-called top six.

“With respect to other Premier League teams, these are the games that might decide who lifts the trophy in May.

“Mourinho has a knack of knowing how to win games, and if he thinks his best chance is to shut up shop, he’s entitled to do that – but for us, Jurgen Klopp will be the complete opposite. He’s not interested in a draw, he only wants a victory.

“That suits everyone at Liverpool – players, fans, himself – because that’s why he was asked to take on the job in the first place.

“I’m sure the fans are more than happy with what he’s done and they will want him to continue with the same attacking intent.”

Dalglish also praised United's attackers this season and suggested that Mourinho would also be seeking to exploit their abilities to pile up pressure on Liverpool.

"You would always expect Liverpool vs. Manchester United to be a tight game," he is quoted as saying by the Liverpool Echo. "Last year, when United came to Liverpool, Jose Mourinho parked the bus. But it wasn't just the one bus, I think it was a couple of double-deckers he put there. That's not to give him stick in any way. It was very difficult for Liverpool and [Zlatan] Ibrahimovic nearly got a late winner.

"I think United will come and set up quite defensively, but at the same time they have fantastic frontmen in Marcus Rashford, Romelu Lukaku and Anthony Martial. I think Jose will try to make sure the pressure is on Liverpool, but the pressure is on everyone when it comes to a game like that."

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