Spain set to cancel Catalonia's autonomy through article 155

- Spanish PM says Catalonia needs to answer whether or not it has declared independence.

- Answer would determine future events.

- Taking steps to activate article 155 of the Spanish constitution.
Prime Minister of Spain Mariana Rajoy has stated that future events regarding the ongoing Catalonia crisis will be determined by a response from Catalonia's regional President Carles Puigdemont regarding whether or
not the region has declared its independence.

Rajoy made this demand after Carles Puigdemont intially subtly declared independence and immediately suspended the declaration.

Addressing deputies in parliament on Wednesday, Rajoy said Catalan regional president Carles Puigdemont's response would determine "future events".

"The cabinet has agreed to formally require the Catalan government to confirm whether it has declared or not independence," Rajoy said in the address, which was televised and posted to his twitter account. 

"This call precedes the measures that the government may adopt under article 155 of our constitution and seeks to offer clarity and security that a question of such importance requires," he added.

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