Germany urges Spain to uphold rule of law to preserve stability as Catalonia Independence draws closer

- Spain must uphold rule of law to preserve stability.

- Catalonia edging closer to declaring Independence.

- Catalonia/Madrid tussle is an internal issue.

- Germany fails to comment on the ongoing violence in Spain.
A German government spokesman has on Wednesday stressed the need for Spain to uphold the rule of Law to preserve stability as Catalonia edges closer to declaring their independence.

is watching developments there closely. We have a great interest in the stability of Spain. Therefore it is important ... that the rule of law is adhered to,” spokesman Steffen Seibert told reporters.

Acknowledging that the issue is an internal one for Spain, he further stressed that any headways “can only take place within the Spanish constitution and democratic order”. He also carefully avoided condemning the actions of the Spanish Police that recently led to violence during the referendum votes.

“Chancellor Merkel is not pursuing a mediation mission. It is an internal matter for Spain,” he added.

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