Google retracts position on paid news subscriptions, relaxes rules

- Google retracts position on paid news subscriptions, relaxes rules.

- This development comes after complaints from news agencies such as  News Corp that sales revenue have been terribly affected.

- Facebook also has plans to enable paid subscription news services just like Apple did in 2016.
Google has announced on Thursday that News agencies or websites on its platform would no longer
have to provide three free articles daily in order to experience more prominence in search results.

This follows complaints from major players such as News Corp that their revenues are taking a dip as a result of Google's policy.

"Over the last year, we got clear indications that, yes, it was going to be important for publishers to grow subscription revenues," said Richard Gingras, Google's vice president for news.

"Google search is valuable because there's a rich ecosystem out there," Gingras said. "To the extent the web is healthy, that's very good for our core business. Our objective is not for this to be a new line of business."

Although Facebook, Google's main advertising rival is also currently working on subscription services to enable publishers generate revenue from their publications, Apple already made this feature available in last year's Apple News revamp.

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