Britain's opposition leader Jeremy Corbyn slams PM May and UK's foreign policy, criticises Saudi Arabia's involvement in Yemen War

- Britain's opposition leader Jeremy Corbyn slams PM May and UK's foreign policy

- Laments the role of Britain in the wars and humanitarian crises across the world.

- Calls on the UK government to wake up.
Leader of Britain's Labour Party Jeremy Corbyn has promised to pursue a foreign policy that works to resolve conflicts rather than stir them up if he
is elected as Prime Minister.

Corbyn made this disclosure whilst addressing party members dring a gathering in Brighton on Wednesday.

"Terrorism is thriving in a world our governments have helped to shape, with its failed states, military interventions and occupations where millions are forced to flee conflict or hunger.

"We have to do better and swap the knee-jerk response of another bombing campaign for long-term help to solve conflicts rather than fuel them. And we must put our values at the heart of our foreign policy.

"Democracy and human rights are not an optional extra to be deployed selectively."

The Labour leader was also very critical of Saudi Arabia and their involvement in several wars and conflicts worldwide most notably in Yemen. 

Corbyn called on Prime Minister Theresa May to look into Britain's arms dealing with Saudi Arabia especially as some of these weapons find their way into the Yemen War and also other places such as Egypt.

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