Uber attends employment tribunal in Britain to argue drivers are self employed

- Uber attends employment tribunal in Britain to argue drivers are self employed.

- Aims to appoint a UK Chairman to stengthen its British position.

- Still battling its license renewal with TFL
Less than a week after Transport for London informed the firm that they would not renew its minicab license in London, Uber has attended a British employment appeal tribunal to
argue its drivers are self employed and as a result ineligible for employee benefits.

“Almost all taxi and private-hire drivers have been self-employed for decades before our app existed,” an Uber spokesman said before Wednesday’s hearing.

“Uber drivers have more control and are totally free to choose if, when and where they drive with no shifts or minimum hours,” he said.

In an attempt to strengthen its position in the United Kingdom, Uber stated on Wednesday that it started recruiting for a non executive "UK Chairman" six weeks ago.

Uber also faces a further legal challenge as a British law firm has offered to represent a female driver who claims that Uber is putting her and other women at risk as they sometimes do not know the destinations of passengers until they enter the car and this sometimes could lead to driving towards dangerous and remote areas.

“One of the main reasons why women choose to drive with Uber is because of the safety features in the app. All trips are GPS tracked and a driver is able to share a live map of their trip with a friend or loved one,” he said.

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