Europe is too weak, slow and inefficient - French President Macron

- Macron considers the EU to be weak, slow and inefficient.

- Calls for harmonised rules across the continent.

- Proposes a new tax for tech giants Apple and Facebook.
French President Emmanuel Macron has outlined disclosed his intentions for a reformed and more efficient through a series of proposals designed to make the union stronger and also harmonise rules across the continent.

President Macron made these comments whilst giving a speech at Sorbonne University in Paris on Tuesday where he argued the case for institutional changes, initiatives to promote the EU, and new ventures in the technology, defence and energy sectors.

"The Europe that we know is too weak, too slow, too inefficient," he said on Tuesday as he began the closely watched address.

"But Europe alone can give us the ability to act in the world faced with big contemporary challenges."

Macron further used his speech at the University in Paris to call for a new tax system for Silicon Valley giants such as Facebook and Apple who have been widely accused of paying too little tax.

Following Tuesday's speech, Juncker, head of the European Commission, the EU's executive arm, praised Macron, saying the bloc required "courage" to move ahead.

"A very European speech by my friend Emmanuel Macron. Europe needs courage. Thank you for your support for the work of the EU institutions," Juncker said on Twitter.

"What we need now is a roadmap to advance the Union at 27. We have to openly discuss all ideas and decide before May 2019."

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