German Chancellor Angela Merkel wins elections for fourth term in office, fails to win majority

- Merkel wins general elections for her fourth term in office.

- Failed to secure majority in the votes cast.

- Merkel's Christian Democratic Union secured 33% of votes as against 42% recorded as at the last general elections in 2017.
Angela Merkel has won a fourth term in office as German Chancellor after a national election that has failed to yield a majority for her Party.

Merkel's Christian Democratic Union party secured 33% of total votes compared to 42% as at the 2013 elections.

Their main rival and current coalition partner, the centre-left Social Democrats led by Martin Schulz, got around 21 percent of the vote - their worst result in post-war Germany.

Whilst addressing supporters at her party headquarters, Merkel was helplessly honest in disclosing that she hoped for better results.

"Let's not beat around the bush, of course we would have preferred a better result, that's completely clear," Merkel said after the announcement of the exit polls.

"But let's also not forget that we have just come out of an extraordinarily challenging legislative period," Merkel added. 

The main concern at the moment is who Merkel will partner with in running the government; something she failed to address during her victory speech.

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