Uber calls for talks with Transport for London, vows to make amends

- Uber calls for talks with Transport for London, vows to make amends.

- Working with Police to explore areas of improvement.

- TFL stated that the minicab firm is not fit to hold a taxi licence in the British capital.
In response to Transport For London's disclosure on Friday that it would not be renewing Uber's licence to operate in Britain's Capital
City, the minicab booking firm has now called for talks between both parties as they continue to explore ways of improving their overall service and compliance with regulations.

The Silicon Valley minicab booking app firm has been at loggerheads with the government and regulators in the past over its taxation policies, remuneration, lack of employee benefits or working contracts and also breaches in regulations.

"We're working with the police to figure out how we can do this in a better way that's helpful to them," Fred Jones, Uber's UK Head of Cities told BBC radio.

"It's just not clear for us what their concerns might be," said Jones.

"Once we understand them we can work with them to figure out what is it that they would like us to do and how can we move forward and I think that's the important next step," he said.

But the Mayor of London Sadiq Khan, a Labour politician who has criticized the firm in the past, backed TfL's decision and attacked the Silicon Valley app's response.

"You can't have it both ways: on the one hand acting in an aggressive manner for all sorts of things but on the other hand brief to journalists that they want to do a deal with TfL," he told BBC radio.

"If you play by the rules you're welcome in London, if you dont, don't be surprised if TfL takes action against you."

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