Transport for London denies Uber licence to operate in London

- TFL will not renew Uber's license to operate within London.

- Uber has been the subject of numerous regulatory breaches over the past few years.

- TFL states that Uber can appeal the decision within 21 days and continue operations pending a decision.
Transport for London has on Friday issued a statement indicating that it will not renew Uber's licence to operate
within the city, adding that the car-hailing app is "not fit and proper" to hold the licence.

TFL and Uber have gone back and forth over several years on issues ranging from on regulatory to security and coupled with the different security scandals that have rocked the minicab operator in recent times, London's transport regulatory apex body has concluded it will not be renewing Uber's licence which is due to expire on September 30th.

According to Telegraph UK, "Uber claims it has 3.5m users in London and 40,000 drivers. It has been operating in the capital since 2012 and has faced huge opposition from taxi drivers and other critics over its treatment of drivers and congestion."

TFL has however disclosed that Uber can appeal the decision within 21 days and continue to operate pending the decision of the appeal.

A copy of the notice issued by London's transport regulatory body is attached below.

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