President Rouhani says Iran nuclear deal cannot be renegotiated

- Iranian President says the 2015 nuclear deal cannot be renegotiated.

- President Trump disappointed with the deal which was signed by his predecessor Barack Obama.

- President Hassan Rouhani agrees that the deal may need to checked for improvements.
Iranian President Hassan Rouhani has on Thursday disclosed that the nuclear deal which was signed between Iran and six other countries including the
U.S. cannot be renegotiated.

The 2015 nuclear deal which has been consistently criticised by U.S. President Trump for being one sided, involved Iran agreeing to curb its nuclear programme in exchange for eased economic sanctions.

“There was some discussion from some people that the nuclear deal isn’t very bad but shouldn’t stay as it is. It’s a deal that’s good but we should sit down again and debate to see if it can be improved. If it has flaws we can fix them,” Rouhani said.

He was speaking at a press conference in Tehran broadcast live on state TV after returning from the United Nations General Assembly. “They were told clearly and definitively that the nuclear deal cannot be renegotiated.”

Trump told reporters this week he had made a decision on what to do about the agreement but would not say what he had decided.

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