Syrian Army and their Russian Allies prepare for Final Battle with ISIL at Deir Az Zor

- Syrian troops make preparations for final Deir Az Zor battle with ISIL

- Aiming to push Daesh from the city's eastern neighbourhoods.

- Reinforcements just arrived.
The Syrian Army has just received reinforcements as they aim for a renewed fight against ISIL fighters who still control the Deir Az Zor City.

Much of Deir Az Zor City has been under ISIL
control since 2014 with only 40% under government control with about 100,000 civilians.

Backed by Russian air power, government troops have breached ISIL's siege, captured the strategic Jabal Thardah region, and expanded control to half of Deir Az Zor city.

"Huge military reinforcements - including equipment, vehicles and fighters - have arrived in Deir Az Zor ahead of an attack to push Daesh from the city's eastern neighbourhoods," said Syrian Observatory for Human Rights chief Rami Abdel Rahman, using an Arabic acronym for ISIL.

"Russian and Syrian regime warplanes are striking IS positions in the city and its outskirts."

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