ISIL planning to attack Britain and Europe with Sophisticated Attacks

- We are going to see more attacks targeted at European Countries.

- ISIL planning sophisticated attacks to gain popularity and boost morale of fighters.

- There will be a new generation of Islamist terrorists if Iraq does not undertake radical reforms.
Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi, the leader of Islamist State of Iraq and the Levant (Isil) is planning a new wave of attacks targeted at Britain and a host of other European countries in revenge for the defeats it has suffered in Iraq and Syria.

This was disclosed by a leading Iraqi intelligence official, Lahur Talabani who believes that the Islamist terrorist group typically known for carrying out unsophisticated attacks is now planning some very sophisticated attacks against the European countries in order to boost the morale of an already dwindling fighting force.

Durring an interview with a news agency, Lahur Talabani believes that unless Iraq goes through radical political reforms, a new generation of islamic fighters could emerge.

"Isil has lost a lot of land in Iraq and Syria, but this is not the end of Isil," said Mr Talabani, 41, during a visit to London, where he is having a series of meetings with officials and ministers, including Defence Secretary Sir Michael Fallon.

"We are going to see a lot more attacks on the West that are designed to boost the morale of the fighters who have suffered heavy losses," said Mr Talabani. "They are trying to do attacks that will get them publicity.

"The more sophisticated attacks are being organised by the leadership around the Baghdadi camp."

"Isil played the media card very well," said Mr Talabani. "They used the media to demoralise the government forces in both Iraq and Syria, but they were never as strong as they led the world to believe.

"They had lots of land, which they needed to attract foreign fighters. But now they don't have the land to attract people to join them." 

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