Arsenal will not play dirty to win - Arsene Wenger

- Arsenal will not try to win ugly.

- All the top European clubs play attractive football.

- Arsenal are not in crisis.
Arsenal's Arsene Wenger has stated that he has no intentions of switching his football style so his team can win ugly.

After losing two of their opening three games and conceding eight goals, many would have expected that the Arsenal Manager would be considering scrapping his way to victory until the dust settles at least.

But when asked if it was time for Arsenal to start "winning ugly" and scrapping the attack-minded style Wenger has always championed, he was adamant that such thinking was misguided.

"That's where I think in England you come to the wrong conclusions always -- if England has not won on an international level in over 50 years, it's maybe time at some stage to come to the right conclusions," Wenger told a news conference.

"To convince people that to win you have to play ugly is for me a wrong debate. If you take the biggest teams in the world, they all play football. Brazil has won how many World Cups? They play football. Germany play football. Real Madrid play football, Barcelona play football.

"Yes, we didn't play well enough the way we want to play [at Liverpool], I agree with you, but to come out to a conclusion that you have to kick the ball into the stand to win football games is the wrong conclusion."

"I believe at some stage what is important is that you stick to your principles, even if it doesn't go as well as you want it," he said.

"Do you question yourself? Yes. But don't question things that are absolutely not obvious because you lose one game. That's where I believe it's important that people around the team continue to believe in what we do."

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