China Reacts to North Korean Missile Threat

- China working with UN's Security Council to Respond to North Korea.

- China remains North Korea's only major ally.
Just hours after North Korea launched a ballistic missile
across Japan, Chinese Foreign Minister Wang Yi has stated that the Chinese Government is working with other members of the United Nations Security Council to figure out a suitable response for North Korea.

Wang said that China is “now working with other members of the Security Council to discuss the recent developments of the situation”.

He added that “based on the consensus of Security Council members, we are going to make a necessary response to the recent test launch of the missile”.

But Wang did not specify whether a fresh set of sanctions was looming.

“Whether there will be new measures going forward, that should be discussed by the Security Council and consensus needs to be formed,” Wang told a news briefing.

The foreign minister said China opposes the missile launch, which he said violated the non-proliferation treaty.

He urged for a resumption of long-dormant negotiations and urged all parties to avoid actions that “may further escalate tensions”.

“A very important part of Security Council resolutions — which is also a consensus of the Security Council members — is that we should continue to stick to peaceful and diplomatic means to resolve this issue,” Wang said.

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