Suicide Bombing Attacks by Taliban in Afghanistan, 13 Killed

- 13 killed and many injured by suicide bomber.

- Attack was carried out against a convoy of Afghan Soldiers.
13 People have been confirmed killed and many others wounded by a Taliban suicide bombing attack on a convoy of afghan soldiers in Southern Helmand province on Sunday. 

This report was confirmed by an official of the Afghan Government.

"A suicide bomber detonated an
explosive-filled car as the Afghan National Army convoy passed a small market in Nawa District of Helmand," Omar Zwak, a spokesman for the provincial governor, told AFP news agency.

A source working at a nearby hospital told AFP on condition of anonymity that the bodies of 15 victims had been brought to the hospital. Another 19 injured were also admitted, he added.

"The majority of the dead belong to Afghan forces and most of the wounded are civilians," the source said.

The Taliban claimed responsibility for the attack in a WhatsApp message sent to journalists.

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