Britain pushes for talks about the future, EU wants divorce first

- Britain wants better deals for citzens post Brexit, EU seeks divorce first.

- Ireland/UK Border Problem to be discussed.
Brexit Negotiators will be hoping to make progress as they enter a third round of negotiations in Brussels on Monday.

Britain's primary focus has continued to hinge on getting a good deal post Brexit but senior EU Officials have consistently maintained that there should be a complete separation before critical deals can be discussed.

Reuters reports that Chief Brexit negotiators, the EU's Michel Barnier and Britain's David Davis, will meet at 1500 GMT before more talks on Tuesday and Wednesday convene on technical level on expatriate rights, divorce bill and "other separation issues".

Senior officials will also tackle the problem of the future border between EU state Ireland and the United Kingdom's Northern Ireland, and a news conference is due on Thursday, according to a schedule published by Brussels.

Although there is some agreement on safeguarding the rights of EU Citizens living in the U.K. and vice versa, both parties are yet to arrive at a similar level of understanding regarding how much the UK is expected to pay the Union upon its departure.

"Both the UK and the EU have an interest to move forward quickly in negotiations and that requires us to make sufficient progress on citizens' rights, on the financial settlement on Ireland," said a senior EU official involved in the talks.

It is unexpected that any major strides will be attained in the negotations this week but both parties have highlighted the need to sort out all formalities before March 2019 which is the Brexit date. This is to enable enough time for scrutiny by both the UK and EU parliaments and also for approval.

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