Buhari's Remarkable Achievements Cannot be hidden by Hatred

- The Buhari-Led administration has made remarkable achievements since 2015.

- Nigeria has averted economic and social crisis as a result of Buhari's effectiveness.

- No amount of hatred can erase Buhari's achievements.

Nigerian Mininister of information and Culture, Lai Mohammed has restated his appreciation for the Buhari led administration and the tremendous impact it has had on the country.

The Minister suggested that whilst other oil dependent nations have experienced different kinds and levels of economic and social crisis, Nigeria has been able to avoid that as a result of the effectiveness of the the leadership of this administration.

Lai Mohammed made these comments during the opening of the National Broadcasting Commission (NBC) annual lecture and 25th anniversary of the commission.

He said "A country that has consistently produced more oil than Nigeria, despite having about one sixth of the Nigerian population, is today embroiled in the worst economic crisis in its history," he said.

"There is shortage of food, medicine and everything, and there is hyper-inflation.

"With Nigeria being affected by the same downturn in oil prices, coupled with years of monumental mismanagement of the country's economy and the mindless and maddening looting of its treasury by rapacious public officials, why is Nigeria not in similar crisis as the country in question?

"My answer is simple: Because Nigeria has a President like Muhammadu Buhari!

"Does anyone remember the scandalous fuel subsidies that failed to deliver fuel to filling stations? What about the fertiliser subsidies that never guaranteed the availability of fertiliser to farmers? Today, fuel queues are gone with the phantom fuel subsidies," he added.

"Also, thanks to the resuscitation of 11 of the country's moribund fertiliser blending plants, fertiliser is now available to farmers nationwide.

"In fact, 6 million bags of fertilisers have been delivered at 30 per cent below the market price, 50,000 jobs created and N50 billion saved with the stopping of fertiliser subsidy,"? he said.

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