I Own Seven Mobile Phones. So What? Dele Momodu

- I carry seven phones around because of my Job.

- Ignorance is almost incurable.

Nigerians went crazy when Media Mogul and founder of Ovation Magazine Dele Momodu posted a picture of himself at a Spa with seven phones of a stool lately.

Mr Momodu has now responded to critics by saying that the nature of his job warrants him carry seven phones
around and that he has to deal with people from different continents regularly.

He said "Ignorance is almost incurable! What is unprincipled about having phones for different countries? I'm in the business of communications please!

"Please teach me my job! You don't know how I get my job done.

"Tell me how else I can be reached by telephone with operations on different continents.

"Even those without jobs have two phones," Momodu wrote.

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