ASUU STRIKE: FG agrees to disburse N23 Billion on the condition that ASUU accounts for previously released funds

- FG already Approved N53 Billion so far.

- Agrees to release 23B only if ASUU agrees to an audit of how the previously received funds were utilised.

- ASUU agrees.
Nigerian Minister of Education Mr Adamu Adamu has disclosed that the Federal Government has already approved an additional N23 Billion for ASUU on the condition that an Audit is carried out to
determine how the N30 Billion previously released to ASUU was spent. This condition was agreed by the ASUU representatives pending further meetings.

The minister said "ASUU asked for N23billion to be paid, but we said the condition for getting the N23billion was for them to account for the N30billion they had taken and they were not able to account for it.

"The Minister of Finance undertook to do the audit from the ministry and we agreed that the result will be known six months. During those six months, government undertook to be paying ASUU N1.5billion each month during the time they were waiting for this.

'However, their grouse was that the forensic audit promised by the Minister of Finance had not been done and the money promised not paid.
"So, at our meeting two days ago, the agreement was to pay them all and do forensic audit on the entire N53billion.

"That was what I tried to do yesterday (Wednesday). I wrote to the Minister of Finance and she has already approved and this money will be paid. Probably, by Monday, they will be able to receive the cheque.

"We didn't agree with ASUU on their request that TSA should be taken out. I told them that it is not possible because it is a new policy and government is not going to change it for anyone".

The Minister further used the opportunity to address issues relating to recruitment at universities. Both parties were however in agreement that Universities would abstain from reckless recruitment practices henceforth.

The minister continued "Concerning their salary short fall, we said the reason springs from universities employing people without proper authority.

"For instance, a university can just decide to go and recruit 50 people without notifying IPPIS. So, what they are going to get is the money they got last month, which will not be sufficient for them. We have told them that institutions should, henceforth, stop doing that and they accepted.

"There is the issue of registration of their pension commission. I think they have one or two issues to iron out with PENCOM and I believe they will also be able to solve the problem within a week.

"The issue of renegotiation is already ongoing, which will not affect what we have said. I have already written a letter formalizing the meeting and all the agreements we had with ASUU and gave them the letter yesterday.

"From the way they received it, I think it is possible that the strike will be called off within a week maximum."

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