BREAKING: Terrorist Attack in Barcelona, ISIS claims responsibility

- Terrorist attack in Barcelona's most popular pedestrian spot.

- 13 dead and 100 injured in the gruesome attack.

- ISIS claim responsibility.
The City of Barcelona has been left shocked in the aftermath of a terrorist attack around 1500GMT on Thursday 17th August.

The attack took place in Las Ramblas boulevard where a driver drove a van into the busiest spot in the city filled with Pedestrians. The van entered the sidewalk on high speed swerving left and right as he rammed both tourists and residents.

The Police have confirmed that this was an act of Terror and have begun a manhunt for suspects.

Meanwhile, terrorist group ISIS has claimed responsibility for the attack, claiming that the suspect involved is indeed their soldier.

An eye witness, Tom Gueller who lived nearby saw the van as it sped into the boulevard. 

Gueller said "It wasn 't slowing down at all. It was just going straight through the middle of the crowds in the middle of the Ramblas,"Ł

Authorities have confirmed that the attack claimed 13 lives, leaving over 100 injured.

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