Ozubulu Church Killings: Monarch discloses the reasons behind the Anambra massacre

- New details emerge.

- Traditional ruler says the church killings is not related to drug trade.

- Urges Police to bring perpetrators to justice.

- The mastermind will be revealed by local deity, sacrifices will be made.

Ozubulu traditional ruler, Igwe Nnamdi Oruche has disclosed the genesis of the Anambra Church killings which claimed the lives of many in the community. According to
him, the problem started ten years ago when Ozubulu Development Union needed to elect a new President General in its branch in South Africa.

Igwe Oruche stated that “This created a major disagreement over who would be their leader in that country and it eventually tore them apart.

“But the overall President General both in Ozubulu and in Diaspora, Norbert Anigbogu, intervened by inviting the two factions back home for a peaceful resolution of the problem.

“When they returned, a traditional oath was prepared for them to take in order to enthrone brotherliness among them and to further quell the rift between the factions, but most of them refused to take the oath on the basis that they are Christians.

“At that point, an alternative was made and a Catholic priest, Rev. Father Chidolue was invited to perform the Christian aspect of oath-taking, which was done and everyone appreciated it.

“But later, the conflict was rekindled by some of them who reneged on the agreement made during the oath-taking, alleging that since I, the traditional ruler, was not present during the exercise, the reconciliation was null, void and improper.”

Igwe Oruche added, “We have an old culture, so our traditional deities will bring them out when the rituals are done by us at the appropriate time”.

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