Fulani Herdsmen: Fresh Attacks on Farmers in Benue State, many feared dead.

- Fulani Herdsmen attack farmers in Akpagodogbo Otukpa, Benue state.

- Many feared injured or killed.

- Rising Tensions over Community Farmlands and crop destruction.

Several residents of Akpagodogbo Otukpa community in Benue State are feared injured or dead after clashes with Fulani Herdsmen over th destruction of their crops and community lands.

An eyewitness who is a resident of the village said: "Right now, the Fulani herdsmen are fighting farmers in my community over farm land and crops destroyed by their cows.

It is happening right now in Akpagodogbo Otukpa. Some people have been killed. I learnt the casualty figure is more than four on the part of the community. "Those at branch are running to Agbaha while the police is patrolling the street and taking every Fulani herdsman into protective custody".

According to eye witnesses, the victims of the attack have been rushed to the Midland Hospital branch in Otukpa.

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