Breaking: Bomb scare in Lagos Airport as Passengers prep for Hajj

- Comotion as passengers flee in all directions.

- Abandoned bag sighted within the airport.

- Airport officials failed to identify the owner of the bag.

- Bag was blown off using explosive devices.

Obiaks News has gathered that on Tuesday 8th August, 2017, Passengers who were mostly Muslim Pilgrims ran in all directions of the Lagos airport in a bid to save their lives after sightings of an abandoned bag within the airport led to fears of a potential bomb explosion. Fears increased when Airport officials failed to identify the owner of the bag.

FAAN confirmed through its head of corporate affairs that the bag was actually noticed at the hajj and cargo terminal after the departure of the fourth flight.

"The Chief Security Officer of the Federal Airports Authority, Hajj and Cargo Terminal as well as the Bomb Disposal Unit were contacted and the process of finding out the owner and the content of the bag immediately began.

"No one claimed ownership of the bag, so the decision to blow up the bag using an explosive device was made, which in turn caused some panic among the second batch of intending pilgrims," FAAN said.

The government agency saithe bag was found to contain some copies of an Islamic guide meant for the pilgrims to expedite their journey.

The Authority would like to assure the general public that there was no bomb and the Hajj and Cargo Terminal is safe for flight operations," FAAN said.

See image of the report from FAAN debunking claims of a bomb scare below.

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