Tottenham Hotspur risk a poor start from delayed signings

- Tottenham yet to sign any player for the 2017/2018 EPL Season

- They already sold Kyle Walker

- Mauricio Pochettino promises some key signings.

- A host of injury concerns.

As the transfer frenzy within the premier league and all across Europe continues, one top club in the EPL is yet to sign at least one player in preparation for the coming
season. Tottenham Hotspur are surprisingly yet to increase their firepower in terms of player additions and this has been a major concern for their fans. For a club that ended last season on such a high note as one of the best performers, it is baffling to consider why they would not be desperately trying to better their position this season.

Apart from their failure to get a single player aboard so far, it's important to note that the club has already sold a key player, Kyle Walker to Man City this term and with many of their players still out injured or recovering, unless they take active measures to resolve this quickly, the club may just be setting itself up for a slow or poor start to the new season.

However, Mauricio Pochettino has come out to calm tensions amongst fans by announcing and promising to sign a few players before the close of the transfer window.

Could the club be looking to curb spending? Or could Pochettino just be trying to spend wisely?

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