Newly Designed Benin Central Hospital yet to function nearly a year after it was commissioned

The newly built 200 bed Central Hospital in Benin stands side by side with the current facility that's already over 100 years old. When President Buhari commissioned the project in November 2016, he was full of praise not just for the magnificent edifice, but also for the outgoing administration of Adams Oshomole and the
sacrifices that would have been required to complete the project.

Nearly twelve months later, the newly built hospital is yet to function and this has led to an outcry from certain groups prompting a recent report from ITV criticising the project and the APC led administration.

Although there is a need for the present administration to complete this project as soon as possible, it is equally important to prioritise spending especially as the current Governor, Godwin Obaseki is not in support of borrowing at the current interest rates.

According to reports from Vanguard, Stella Obasanjo Hospital Benin is currently operating at full capacity and this provides the state government with ample opportunity to progress at the current pace in the completion of the new central hospital.

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