The unspoken truths about smoking

Smoking according to an online definition is the consumption of harmful substances   like tobacco, inhaling cigarette, chewing or sniffing of snuff, cocaine and hard drugs into the body with alleged benefits of keeping the user high, inspiring the user, making the users feel on top of the world
and also having the deceptive belief of gaining acceptance by friends, peers and contemporaries for smoking and other illusive beliefs.
The unfortunate thing is that, the disadvantages of smoking far outweigh the advantages because smoking is detrimental to one's health and general well-being.
There are a lot of unspoken truth surrounding the world of smoking with very conflicting myth churn out as  facts by cigarette producing and other related companies, by smokers themselves and deceptive persons to unsuspecting public. If you have been seeking the truth, this article will help you know the truth about the dangers involved in continuous smoking which could be harmful to one's life physically, psychologically, emotionally, medically, mentally and otherwise. Here are the unspoken truths.

Smoking kills

The ministry of health has realized this that is why tobacco producing  and other related companies are mandated to put the disclaimer "that smokers are liable to die young" A lot of persons sees this as just another gimmick by federal govt to deter them from smoking. But according to an online research, inhaling harmful substances in to the body system has been the cause of lung cancer, prolonged cough, asthma, heart diseases, chronic obstructive pulmonary diseases which resultant effect leads to untimely and premature death. So desist from smoking.
Smoking hinders good reasoning

This is quite true, according to a renowned psychologist Prof Carl Mack, who made a research into the relationship between smoking and shapely of the mind and he came up with the fact that, it was just a lie put forward by cigarette producing companies to deceive it patrons and also advised that people should refrain from smoking or sniffing substances that are harmful to their health. The fact remains that inhaling these substances rather becloud one's sense of reasoning and impede rational or logical thoughts and even thinking straight in most cases. A further research by a neurologist Berry Zee found out that elements in these substances increase levels of the neurotran smitto dopamine, which affects the brain pathways that control the brain cells and how each communicate.
Smoking is very addictive

A lot of times, patrons and users of cocaine, heroin, nicotine, tobacco and other substances are deceived with notion that, they can stop smoking at any point in time, this is a myth far from the truth because smoking like the bad habit it is, is very addictive and stopping it can be herculean task. This is because cigarette and other forms of tobacco which could be cigars, pipe tobacco snuff and chewing tobacco contain this addictive drug called nicotine and nicotine is readily absorbed into the blood stream when these products are sniffed, inhaled or chewed. Studies shows that upon Nicotine entering the blood stream of a user, its immediately stimulate the adrenal gland to release a hormone called adrenaline, this hormone level becomes high making the user yearning for  more of these substance and experts said trying to quit smoking by addicted user brings about symptoms like irritability, attention difficulties, sleep disturbances, increased appetite and great cravings for more tobacco and if treatment doesn't come readily available to help the smoker, the smoker might go back to smoking and the chain continues. So addiction to smoking is real. So quit now and don't be deceived.
Smoking is a bad habit

A definition of a bad habit from the medical dictionary describe it as a patterned behavior regarded as detrimental to one's physical and mental health, which is often linked to lack of self control e.g. includes alcoholic and drug abuse, consumption of tobacco products in any form, gambling and sexual addiction. As long as we try to refrain from those activities we term bad habits, we should also realized that inhaling, chewing or sniffing any tobacco related substance can also seen as a bad habit, which we should refrain from. Mc Gram-hill also wrote that smoking as a bad habit can lead to bad smelling breath, long period of smoking produces tobacco stained teeth, brings gum disease and premature wrinkling of the skin. So quit smoking.
Smoking does not give inspiration
This is another conspiracy theory to blindfold unsuspected users of tobacco related products. The truth is, there is nothing inspirational about taking cigarettes. In fact, it does more harm than good. For the records, inspiration comes from within, environment, nature and God. You do need any harmful substance as an enhancer or inducer to be outstanding or be who you want to be or do what you want to do. Many have been led astray by this untrue tale .you gain nothing from being cigar, tobacco, nicotine or ganja inspired. the truth is that you get yourself into more mess than you were before the consumption. So be wise.
Damages caused by smoking are cumulative
Brain Pascal, PhD, director for research on smoking and health opined that consuming one cigarette may not affect one immediately and one might be happy not to see one or any visible effect but in the long run, it add up to bring uncontrollable damages. This is became a single cigarette consumption add up to bring cumulative effect. Mules Dolphin an ex smoker out of his experience advises smokers to stop smoking, because even smoking cigarette once a week will bring a negative effect on the body let alone damages that comes with smoking over a long period of time with cumulative effect.
Smoking is dangerous to one's health and general well-being, no amount of conspiracy theory posited by proponents of tobacco smokers should make one engage in this bad and insidious habit. Quit smoking and aspire to have a clean bill of health devoid of all diseases that is associated6 with smoking.
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