overcoming infertility problem the natural way

Infertility according to medical encyclopedia is the inability of persons, partners or couples to conceive after regular unprotected sex for a long while or medically after a period of 120 days.
Infertility is a leading factor in most marriage break down and divorces. It is therefore, pertinent that the issue of infertility is tackled head-long to reduce marriage problems or outright

Dr Bruno Lambert, A gynecologist from the University of California outlined the causes of infertility in both males and females to include.
> Large intake of alcohol and drugs
>Age related problems
>Intake of undiagnosed drugs
>Radiation and chemotherapy
 >Ovulation problems for women
 >Blocked fallopian tubes
 >uterine problems like uterine fibroids in Women
 >Age, poor diet and athletic training etc
Though infertility can be treated with medicine, surgery, artificial insemination or assisted reproductive technology but a Dublin-based therapist Karen Bastin outlined the disadvantages of these means which include: the financial cost which is quite high for most couples and partners, these methods does not address the root cause of infertility, it only dwells on the reproductive organ and not the overall body system and Ivf is not totally safe, because it increases health risks to reproductive organs causing uterine cancer.

Anna Savino a clinical nurse specialist, who runs a fertility clinic opined that natural approach to infertility seem to be the best way of addressing infertility since it saves cost and solves the root causes of infertility by addressing all body systems, rather than just focusing on the reproductive system.
So have you been trying to conceive or what to have a stress free marital life devoid of infertility issues, then kick-start the journey with this natural fertility enhancing below tips for a fruitful relationship.
Improve your nutrition and diet intake

One of the main factors to help enhance fertility naturally is to check ones diets. A new-York based nutritionist Ms Wican says, eating an optimal fertility diet helps to ensure that the womb is well optimized for an embryo to stay because they will be enough building blocks which is the right nutrients in the right proportion. So a person trying to conceive should eat food for fertility that are rich in antioxidants, vitamins filled foods with minerals given foods. Reasons are that these foods boost the wellbeing of the man's sperm and his partner's eggs. these nutrients could be gotten from food like sea foods, whole grains, nuts, vegetables, seeds, good fats from olive oil, oily fish, coconut oil etc while doing away with processed, canned and fried foods like chips, donuts, cakes etc.
Improved lifestyle

Another major natural fertility enhancer is one's lifestyle. It is necessary that trying-to-conceive couples or partners be aware of certain information about enhance fertility like knowledge on having regular sex at least twice or thrice a week, know about their fertility period and try to meet within this period, try not to overwork themselves and also sleep well. These little changes add up to bring about the needed change for fertility. So change your lifestyle to suit these routines for the desired result
Run an occasional Stds check
Research has shows that it work in futility for partners trying to conceive with an underline STDs, so when trying to conceive, it is necessary to run a test to ascertain a clean bill of health, because any unchecked and untreated STDs leads to sperm abnormalities for men and for women it can lead to scarring, blocked tubes and miscarriage and in this case it is advised that both partners run the check to avoid one partner re-infecting the other again.
Avoid coffee, smoking and alcohol

These products decrease fertility according to a study by medical experts in Connecticut. Alcohol is harmful to women's eggs and men's sperm, so this also affects fertility. So quitting coffee, smoking and alcohol can actually increase sperm count in men and increased hormonal balances in women. Reason being that these products contains substances that are detrimental to the eggs and sperms well being, and out rightly brings about low sperm count and abnormalities.
Kill stress

Experts believe there is a link between stress and infertility. Keep your mind at rest, when trying to conceive because worrying is like a rocking chair, that keeps rocking one with no soothing effect, so worrying without solve anything rather a relaxed mind helps to regularize the menstrual periods and also balance hormone levels. So add relaxation to your natural approach to overcome infertility.

Loss weight

Online studies show that obesity can affect fertility by causing hormone imbalances and problems with ovulation. Obesity according to recent study is associated with polycystic ovary syndrome, which is a common cause of infertility. It is necessary that a woman - to -conceive must keep her weight in Check to aid fertility, to avoid ovulation blockage, reduce endometrial development and also aid easy implantation.

Increase exercise

A physiotherapist, Sammy Davis in his book, "exercise for a body well being" opined that a sedentary lifestyle is detrimental to fertility but moderation must be applied.  Davis wrote that Exercise can strengthen muscles, increase circulation, promote regular detoxification of excess hormones and actually reduce toxins in the body, these routine are essential element for pregnancy preparation.
Practice the principle of faithfulness
The practice of the principle of faithfulness with one's partner or spouse cannot be overemphasized in the quest of overcoming infertility in life. Experts have opined that couples or partners who have multiple partners greatly jeopardize their sexual health, which could bring about infertility later in life like contacting both treatable and untreatable sexually transmitted diseases and other problems associated with being unfaithful to one's partner. So to enhance and overcome the problem of infertility it is necessary that expectant couples and partners avoid these problems completely by being with one partner at a time.
There you have them. These are all natural practicable approach to enhancing reproductive health and overcoming infertility, try them out and you would be glad you did.
How were you able to naturally enhance your fertility? We will like to read from you in the comments section.

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