Biafra is no longer feasible- Okechukwu

The Director General, Voice of Nigeria (VON), Osita Okechukwu has said the agitation for the sovereign State of Biafra as clamored for by pro-Biafra groups, is no longer feasible, taking into cognisance the current political calculations in the country.
Okechukwu made his comments on Wednesday in Abuja, at a  gathering of the Abuja chapter of the pan Igbo socio-cultural organization, Ohaneze
According to him, the decision to vote against the return to regional government at the last national conference and the fact that the Igbo nation were not united in the agitation makes the Biafran agitation difficult to realize.
He said, "If we must tell ourselves the truth, the greatest obstacle to the actualization of Biafra, was glaringly demonstrated by successive national conferences; the Abacha Conference and Jonathan Conference. In each of the two conferences, the issue of region was voted against by Enugu and Ebonyi states.
"The Jonathan Conference of 2014, for instance, was made up of pro-Biafra elements whom a lot had assumed will support regionalism as a prelude to secession.
"Other states like Ogun, Lagos, Bayelsa, Cross River and majority of Northern states rejected regionalism. To cap it all, the Jonathan Conference recommended the creation of over 50 states."
Okechukwu said with an "Igbo Presidency" likely in 2023 when the north would have served out its eight years, there was the need for the Igbo nation to tread with caution, pointing out that at present, the Igbo nation is not united in actualizing the Biafra dream.
He said, "The agitation for Biafra sounds as a good music, much fun and furry as if it is the only route to Eldorado. This is false as some of us who lived in the defunct Biafra enclave can narrate. The question one had always posed is, can Biafra be achieved via democracy or by force? Most people one had discussed with had always told me it will be achieved via peaceful means, which in other words means democracy."
He explained that in 2004, papers were presented at the World Igbo day to the effect that the United Nations (UN) is processing the application of Ndigbo for an independent Biafra, saying "this is over a decade and the germane question remains at what stage is our application?"

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